Odds and ends

While we wait for the last WNBA semifinal to be decided today, we have…….

Washington Mystics GM Angela Taylor discusses this season and next season.

Big Syl talks to the LSU team.

Indiana Coach Lin Dunn’s nephew had a close call with death recently.


  1. "I think we have the best perimeter game in the WNBA. We have a lot of depth."…angela taylor, mystics gm.

    well, angela, i think for starters you need to re-evaluate that statement. depth does not necessarily equate with quality and putting points on the board in a consistent manner.

    i do agree that your biggest challenge is to get a 'big' who can complement lang. you better do everything you can to get katie smith re-signed and hope like hell that alana is ready to go next year.


  2. I also thought she seemed to be taking the Smith re-signing way too lightly. Smith is to the Mystics what Thompson was to the Sparks this year. Don't leave home without it.