Hell week at USC

My sources tell me that USC Coach Michael Cooper is running “hell week” for his players right now. Missed shots equals pushups – the numbers of which increase with every miss. Yesterday all the players were told to run a mile in seven minutes or less, and not all made it. But yes, the workouts are being monitored for harshness and time limit.

Sounds like those Trojans are getting in shape.


  1. Lets not get it twisted… kids who didnt make the mile time probably don't belong there and its a good guess they're "Monet Protege". Its a renewed era @ USC Division 1, Pac-10 basketball…not tryin to sound like a jerk, but I doubt the greats like Leslie, Miller or Cooper would complain about few push-ups en route to championships.

  2. Is Cooper actually supervising these workouts and/or did he mandate them? Wouldn't that be against NCAA rules, since it's outside the playing season? Sports Other than Championship Subdivision Football. In sports other than championship subdivision football, a student-athlete may not participate in any countable athletically related activities outside the playing season during any institutional vacation period and/or summer. Strength and conditioning coaches who are not countable coaches and who perform such duties on a department-wide basis may design and conduct specific workout programs for student-athletes, provided such workouts are voluntary and conducted at the request of the student-athlete.

  3. Nothing in the post seems to indicate that the workouts are "voluntary" — push-ups for missed shots and having to run a mile in less than 7 minutes? And I don't think shooting baskets falls in the realm of strength & conditioning.