Record-smashing night by the Seattle Storm

The game report so far only tells part of the story, but the Storm’s twitter page does the rest:

Seattle’s 111-65 win over Tulsa is the largest margin of victory in league history, breaking a record set by the Comets in 1998.

It’s the most scored by the Storm in regulation play.

Seattle’s 57 rebounds also sets a league record.

Camille Little reached the 1000-point mark tonight.

Wow! The Storm give the term “overachiever” new meaning.

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  1. it was an awesome display of what the storm are capable of. yes, it was against tulsa, but they had just beaten us a number of days before. the two road losses (minny and tulsa) may have been the impetus to getting the storm re-focused.

    the best part was the bench play. abby hit a couple threes and that made her much more offensively aggressive. she did miss a couple chippies, but good to see her shooting.

    and i never thought i'd say this, but arob had a great game! the last few games have seen her display a new confidence on both ends of the court. she's moving her feet on defense, blocking and changing shots, and lo and behold she's actually looking to shoot. wow! she's actually playing within herself, not forcing the shot, and staying in her range around the basket (no more stupid 3 pt. attempts). could this be arob's breakout season? LOL

    lacey didn't score and still seems hesitant at times.she was wide open a few times last night and didn't put it up. imo, she is much too willing to pass the ball away quickly rather than even looking for a shot. yes, she is a point guard (or trying to be), but at this point she's no better than katie gearlds when it comes to shooting.

    to her credit, she does appear to be more comfortable on the defensive end. and she is capable of bringing the ball up the court and does set up the offense in an okay manor.

    but from where i sit, i can see her eyes and and she often looks scared when pressured too closely. thank goodness svet is often there to take the ball from her.

    and since i brought up svet, where the hell would this team be without her and le'coe's veteran play? it would just be the sue and lauren show again. svet and 'coe have been outstanding coming off the bench. and kudos to both of them to be willing to do that. they have provided a bench steadiness and savviness that the storm haven't had for oh-so-long, if ever.

    agler has said that as soon as we clinch the homecourt advantage for the entire playoffs, he will start resting the first team to have them fresh. if the bench play last night is any indication, we can only get better.

    minny comes into the key on the 17th. the sparks make an appearance on the 21st, the last storm regular season home game.

    oh yes, and it was lauren jackson appreciation night, celebrating her 10 years in seattle. thanks for the memories, lj! and i'm sure there will be many more to come. 🙂

    go, storm!!!