Transfer-mania at Xavier

Besides Amber Gray, there are two more.

But I am SO sick of transfers. Stay where you are and stick it the heck out.

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  1. "Stay where you are and stick it the heck out."

    Does that apply to Oregon State and IUPUI? When programs are that sick, players' leaving seems to be the only way change comes about.

  2. Yeah, Sue, I know what you meant. :>) Still…

    I think coaching staffs may need to reach out to players more. A good example: Karen Aston (now head coach at UNC-Charlotte), when she was an assistant at Texas.

    "… Last season, Tiffany Jackson, of Duncanville, grew homesick. Aston often went with Jackson to lunch, trying to help the freshman ease into her new environment, and the two would talk — talk about anything but basketball.

    That is Aston's knack — the ability to relate to both an athlete and the athlete's personality. …"

  3. I think if a student wants to transfer for any reason, be it home sickness, playing time, academic program, personality clashes, the weather, let them. If the athlete is willing to sit out and lose a year of eligibility, then the matter must be serious enough for them to want to transfer. You only get one shot at college, at least as far as playing athletics goes, so why not make the most of your experience? When I look at Jasmine Dixon's transferring from Rutgers to UCLA, I'm thinking that's a move that benefited her in a lot of different ways.