Amber Gray won’t be cleared to play

Sad day for Lady Vol Amber Gray, who has worked hard to rehabilitate since suffering a brain aneurysm a year ago. She won’t be cleared to return to the court. She can either stay and remain on scholarship or transfer.


  1. You would think that after what happened, the doctors will have really examined her CAD scans and other tests. They would have identified any weak spots that still existed. We just may see a transfer if she can be cleared by another school.

  2. sad news for both amber and ut. i hope she just stays put and utilizes the full-ride scholarship.

    yes, she may shop around and find a school to clear her, but what i would worry about is the motivation of the school. are they interested in amber's health and possible life, or are they more interested in just producing a winning program and at what cost?

    i can only imagine what a disappointment it is to amber, but i hope she and her family can see the big picture of a long, happy and successful life for her.


  3. I'm wondering why the idea of transferring would even come up. They didn't suggest Cait McMahan transfer when her knee was declared unplayable a couple years ago. Why should the brain be treated any differently?

    Dissertation, thank you and good luck in your work.

  4. Remember Jamie Carey who suffered so many concussions that the Stanford medical staff refused to clear her. She transferred to Texas and eventually played in the W.