July recruiting period: it’s on like Donkey Kong tomorrow

Major club ball tournaments get underway across the country tomorrow, as athletes compete for college scholarships. Leading the way are the USA Basketball members.

The schedule for the major Los Angeles July tournament on the 14-15 is here.

Some of the top tournaments of the month are listed here (forget the moronic lead sentence).

Let’s gooooo!


  1. Conflict Alert

    The viewing period ends on July 15th, The SD Classic for HS teams starts that 15th. Who do the players follow? Club or HS?
    I say they follow their club teams, which could mean there are some good teams that might be playing consolation games come Friday in San Diego.
    However, this also means the players get very little, if any, rest between the two viewing periods.

    IM in OC

  2. The kids I know will be playing with their club teams, but I suppose there might be one or two kids somewhere who might play for their high school teams on July 15.

    I'd like to pound the person in San Diego who thought up this tournament on the dead period, though. That's the whole point of the dead period – to give the kids a break. But no one seems to want to do that these days.