Sparks 73, Silver Stars 63

The Sparks were putting on a clinic last night, and then the third quarter happened. The third has not been their quarter for a long time, and sure enough, the Silver Stars cut down the Sparks’ double-digit lead.

But LA didn’t give up. You could feel they weren’t going to. They kept fighing and scrapping, and in the fourth quarter they took that big lead back. I’m proud of them.


Box score.

Chamique Holdsclaw sure gets booed a lot at Staples Center.

Chamique Holdsclaw shoots and scores over Noelle Quinn in the first quarter.

San Antonio is puzzling like LA: so many good veterans but not such a hot record.

Michelle Snow shoots and scores in the first quarter.

Jayne Appel only played a little in the first half.

And she even dribbled the ball.

Ticha Penicheiro looks to pass in the third quarter.

Delisha Milton-Jones stays strong against big defense.

San Antonio’s big three watch a shot fall.

Milton-Jones dishes in the fourth quarter.

Fans stood and clapped for the last 45 seconds when it was obvious the Sparks were going to win.

Haven’t seen the confetti come down in a while.

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  1. Sorry I didn't get a chance to come over yer way last night, but I was there, and I'm sure glad that I was, 'cause now I know what Staples looks and sounds like after a W.

    I'm still tempted to bitch about how this team just settles for the jump shot way. too. often. And how we pull up short on almost every single break and pretty much never ever ever work to penetrate the lane and also how we've basically given up on trying to get offensive boards. But I'm just not in the mood today. Today I'm happy 'cause I saw a win, and my daughter's happy 'cause she went home with a big shiny gold streamer that fell from the ceiling. It's all good. Until Saturday.

    p.s.: Didja notice that Kathy Goodman's Wednesday-morning blogpost–the one she wrote after the loss to the Liberty that was all about focus and effort, and which was the first genuinely critical blogpost she's written about this team all season–has since been scrubbed from her LA Times blog? Interesting, no? Message sent?

    Patrick Meighan
    Culver City, CA

  2. You should hear it/see it when the Staples Center is full as usual, and I hope you get to do that.

    I'm also tempted to complain about no driving to the basket; it's one of my biggest pet peeves in basketball. But why harp in the face of a win. I will also save for later all the comments I collected from the "old fogies" in the audience last night, as I climbed chair to chair in the third quarter.

    Very interesting about the blog indeed. What's up with that? An owner should be able to be critical of her product. Lately, they deserve criticism.