Good rehash, bad rehash

The good:

Oregonlive has sure done a thorough job of covering the Oregon State basketball fracas. Now they’ve done an extensive profile of the history of the program, including its glory days in the 90s. They even threw in a Sherri Coale/Oklahoma comparison.

It was about two weeks ago that the OSU search committee was boasting about the strength of their applicant pool. So who’s the new coach going to be? Time is ticking.

The bad:

I’d like to ask two questions: what is the fascination with Tulsa Coach Nolan Richardson? And why has every journalist on the planet felt compelled to write a story about him? Now it’s the Seattle Times reporter.

You used to coach men: so what. I’m sure there’s one more reporter in this country who hasn’t written about him, but I’m not posting anymore links.


  1. Y'know, I think Nolan gets the pub because his Razorback teams played an extremely entertaining brand of basketball, and because he won a championship with 'em. I don't know that it's *all* about the fact that he once coached dudes (though that's probably a part of it).

    If Charlie Spoonhour, for example, came out of retirement and got hired by a WNBA team, I don't think it'd quite move the needle the same way.

    Could be wrong, though.

    See you at Staples,

    Patrick Meighan
    Culver City, CA