Texas Tech coach warned Big 12 of tensions that lead to punching incident

Interesting premonition by Texas Tech Coach Kristy Curry:

Two weeks before Baylor star Brittney Griner threw the punch in Lubbock that went viral on the Internet, Texas Tech women’s basketball coach Kristy Curry warned the Big 12 Conference about concerns she had regarding Griner and the officiating crew.

According to a string of e-mails obtained by the Avalanche-Journal through the Texas Public Information Act, Curry contacted the Big 12 after noting tension between Griner and Tech’s Jordan Barncastle at their game in Waco on Feb. 17. Curry also had concerns about the crew assigned to work the March 3 game in Lubbock.

Why didn’t Big 12 officials do anything?


  1. Wow! Keep making excuses coach and blaming others and teaching your player nothing. That has become the norm nowadays. No wonder there's so much violence in the game and in society. It used to be a coach would discipline a player a put them in their place, but that's hardly the case nowadays. Many say John Wooden's style wouldn't last long with today's athletes. Britany should've been suspended for the season by the school and the NCAA, but no they'll punish USC for so-called infractions from people that are gone and have nothing to do with the university. Sports used to teach ethics, but now like everything else it's full of corruption at the highest levels. It's a real sad state of affairs.

  2. Hey Anonymous (6/22 4:36pm), did you even bother to read the article? It's not about anyone making excuses, but about Big 12 offcials not taking notice of what was happening in this particular situation. If you're going to spout your rhetoric, at least target it toward what the article actually says. And how about using your name?

  3. Couple of thoughts – Coordinators are human. And in hindsight, maybe Broderick should have acted differently, but maybe she, initially, just thought Currie was whining and review of the tape didn't show "bias." Hey, there also may have been other mitigating scheduling issues – do you have any idea how hard it is to put together an officiating schedule? Yikes!

    That being said, Broderick was a big enough woman to admit her mistake and apologize. And take action. Considering how unresponsive other Coordinators are in some conferences, I don't know what the big todo is.

    Second — an inconsistent crew is one thing. What about taking responsibility for your players? What on earth stopped Currie from calling Mulkey and talking this through? (They all talk about how they "self regulate" recruiting violations by calling each other). How about a quick chat, a check in before the game, a check in before the game with both players — either alone or together.

    I'm not shifting blame — I'm just saying there are a lot of ways to de-tox a situation.

  4. Interesting article. It is unfortunate that things exploded in the manner in which they did. Obviously Griner was wrong in her actions. And though I don't excuse her, she is a kid who lost it. Obviously someone saw it coming and let people know and nothing was done.

    It was good to see Broderick accept some accountability for not taking more action. Perhaps this should send a message to Supervising Officials around the nation.

    I also think it could have been something discussed amongst Currie and Mulkey who could have put their players in check.

    I personally am amazed that there isn't more frustration and/or acting out amongst players / coaches when it comes to some of the officiating. To say it's "sub par" is an understatement. On many levels it is simply horrendous. Too many calls are let go, to much pushing, shoving, grabbing, "jockeying" for position is overlooked and players are "being allowed to play." And then on the other hand crap gets called that never should be, so where is the balance.

    Someone / somewhere needs to start holding the officials accountable for what is happening on the court. Isn't it their job to maintain control of the game and what is happening on the court? Instead of calling simple hand checks perhaps they need to be watching for the pushes, shoves and flying elbows the will eventually escalate into a Griner situation.

  5. Bottom line is she hit a player, broke her nose and should've been suspended for the year. That's what they do to high school students who are supposedly even more immature. She got away with it because of her height and that's a whole other story, but in today's society you just blame someone else for your crimes and then be expected to get off with nothing but maybe a warning and that's exactly why there's so much inconsideration and crime today. Blaming the officials, give me a break. She pushes just as much or more than anyone else. Big bully.

  6. CIF southern section, you're done if you hit someone and break their nose. Check with the commissioner and find out the info for yourself.