Alexyz Vaioletama replaced on U17 team

What a heartbreaker. After sitting out almost an entire year to recover from stress fractures in her legs, Alexyz Vaioletama has been replaced on the USA Basketball U17 roster as the same injury recurred. Alternate Jewel Loyd will take the Mater Dei star forward’s place.

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  1. Great blog!
    Alexyz has a slight stress fracture in one leg, not the same a s the injuries she had to both legs. She will be out for 6-8 weeks and should be fine for the start of the school year. Unfortunately she will miss out on the trip of a lifetime. She is a great kid and it is heartbreaking for her.
    I think she will use this time to solidfy her college choice and help me coach!

  2. Yes it is. You have some great stuff here, seems like a lot of work!

    A side note, my wife Christine Collins Kiernan, has also joined Jason Flowers staff at CS Northridge.

    She is very excited about the opportunity.



  3. Thanks, Kevin, and thanks for stopping by. I've written about you several times since I started this blog two years ago, and I interviewed you in person after the MLK Day game.

    The first time I saw your team play in person was at the 2/9/09 Nike event at your school. Alexyz stood out to me right away in warmups – there's just something about her. She came off the bench that night and scored 11 quick points. I asked you later on the phone how she wasn't a starter and you said you wanted to keep her on the bench for a bit so she could learn the game better. That apparently worked.

    I've met Alexyz several times, and she's a sweetheart. I'm happy to know that you don't anticipate her latest injury to be longer than eight weeks.

    Congratulations to Christine on her new job. I am reminded by this, as I was yesterday at the Say No Classic, how SMALL the basketball world is here in the LA area. It's crazy. But with Flowers, Camacho and now Christine, it seems Northridge is headed to the top. I'll keep an eye on them.

  4. I hope Alexyz has a speedy recovery. I was very impressed to see her make the USA team after so much time off. I am sad that she will miss out on the traveling experience, but she is a gifted athlete and her talents will afford her many other great opportunities in due time.

    -Cal Fan