Coming in April, 2011: The Public vs. Private High School Basketball All Star Games

Tony Rossignol has heard the arguement for years: which has better basketball programs – public or private schools?

The director of basketball operations at JSerra Catholic High School in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. is married to the school’s varsity girls basketball coach, and Mary Rossignol has coached at both public and private schools. While she doesn’t see a significant difference, others feel differently.

“I have always listened to the complaint that private schools do this and public school can do that,” Tony Rossignol said. “I thought let’s have some fun and let the players represent themselves.”

Enter Rossignol’s brainchild: a public versus rivate High School all-star game. And JSerra is hosting. Here’s how the flyer will look………

Event: The Public vs. Private High School Basketball All Star Games
Date: April 23, 2011
Location: JSerra Catholic High School, 26351 Junipero Serra Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Format: There will be eight teams and four games

Game Times:

10 a.m. Girls Underclass Public vs. Girls Underclass Private
12 p.m. Girls Senior Public vs. Girls Senior Private

4 p.m. Boys Underclass Public vs. Boys Underclass Private
6 p.m. Boys Senior Public vs. Boys Senior Private

Game length: There will be four 10-minute stop time quarters.

Player Selection Format:

i. 25 players from each category will be nominated to participate from each respective group (Boys Senior Public selects 25, Girls Underclass Private, etc).

ii. 20 of those players will be invited to participate in a practice session.

iii. Of the 20 selected 15 will be selected to represent their respective group.

iv. Selected payer must have played in at least 15 C.I.F. sanctioned events within the last 6 months and be academically eligible by CIF guidelines.

Areas represented:




Rossignol is entertaining ideas in how to select participant athletes.

He thought of one scenario: to set up a site and let athletes, parents and coaches vote for who they want on their respective teams. The top 10 vote-getters would get automatic invites. Rossignol is open to including sports writers, and he’d like to keep the entire process simple.

“I do not want it to be a political selection process,” he said.

Rossignol is accepting athlete nominations that include the name of the nominator, their relationship to the nominee, and all pertinent information about the nominated athlete. Rossignol is also open to other ideas in how to select the athletes for this game. His email address is:

“I want this to be a fun event,” Rossignol said.

So what are you waiting for? Contact him!


  1. That game proves absolutely nothing. She's doing it to raise money from attendance. Just another scam at players and parents expense. And she's supposedly a Catholic. Well, being a Catholic doesn't mean much as we know seeing what their priests do.

  2. Sue, you're so gullible or have a hidden agenda. You evidently didn't read what the game was for because no where did anyone say some friendly competition. In fact, references were made that it's suppose to be a war between public and private, but that's not the case because it's about money just like most everything is now adays. If not, then make the game free admission to all and give the players some gold watches for being so good and you can pay for them all since you're so kind hearted and friendly. Yeah, we'll see how far that all goes.

  3. Anonymous, I WROTE the post. It wasn't a news release – I wrote it my own self.

    Rossignol did say it was a friendly competition.

    If you want to be like the majority of the American public nowadays and be bitter and cynical, go right ahead. But don't make assumptions.

    Lastly, if you want to call people names and bash Catholics, have the guts to sign your name, coward.

  4. Nice going Sue by deflecting the real issue that I stated about the game only being produced to benefit JSerra with admission fees. Just like the Catholic Church does. Pay your homage into the offering plate and the Priest will save you. I wonder if what they've done to many children saved them? Sue, how about holding Catholics responsible instead of just brushing off their crimes, hypocrisy and evil deeds in the name of God? I look forward to hearing your response.

  5. Nice going, anonymous, on not identifying yourself and continuing to try to make this a religious issue when it's a sporting event. If you want to campaign against the Catholic church or any other religion, feel free to do that on your own blog or street corner. But I won't be publishing anymore of your responses.