Coach Swoopes?

Has Sheryl Swoopes given up hope of having a pro career? Because she’s applied for the vacant Colorado coaching job.

Some good video of last night’s Dream win over Connecticut. Angel McCoughtry is one player whose game seems to work better at the pro level than for college. Interesting the way that goes for players.

ESPN’s Mechelle Voepel says San Antonio has nothing to lose by signing Chamique Holdsclaw.

And here’s a morning heart-warmer: Drake University Coach Amy Stephens went to Haiti to teach a group of young girls some basketball skills. They didn’t need to speak the same language to pick it up and have fun with it.


  1. Maybe that was too harsh – my apologies. My point is actually that some players who find success at the high school level find it doesn't translate at college, and some successful college players don't make it in the pros (C. and A. Paris, for example). I appreciate McCoughtry because she's been able to make that transition, and do it well.