Shoni Schimmel didn’t choose a school during the spring signing period

Nope, the Portland, Oregon star didn’t sign by yesterday’s signing period deadline. Once again, the Franklin High School athletic director declined to return my call for comment today. But an NCAA spokesman confirmed that Schimmel will have to wait for the next signing period, this November, to sign a national letter of intent.

ESPN has something on Schimmel’s situation and story:

A major prospect ignoring the signing deadline is not without precedent. It happens with some regularity among men’s basketball recruits, but is extremely rare among women’s basketball prospects. In recent years, players like Ta’Shia Philllips, who committed to Xavier in 2007, have discussed the possibility of extending their recruitment past the signing deadline, but did not follow through.

If grades aren’t the hold up, what is?

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  1. I think she can sign a scholarship contract at any time before classes start in the fall and be eligible to play. An LOI is not mandatory.

  2. Someone made that comment this morning on my other Schimmel post, so I asked the NCAA rep that specific question. He said she can't sign until the next signing period.

  3. I think the point is that signing an LOI is not a pre-requisite to playing. She may not be able to sign an LOI until the next signing period, but she can play without signing an LOI. An LOI and a scholarship agreement are two separate documents.

  4. We have declared a moratorium on the Schimmel situation and will not run any articles on her at CARDINAL COUPLE until we have a definite idea on what she is going to do. In short, we're tired of playing "Where's Waldo?"