Some more downer news

On the heels of the Hones dismissal, Chamique Holdsclaw has requested to be traded from the Atlanta Dream. They don’t know if they can get anything for her, though.

Could anything else happen at Oregon State? I shouldn’t ask: assistant coach Krista Reinking has been arrested for DUI.

Texas freshman guard Lauren Flores has been dismissed from the team.

The Sparks waived Aisha Mohammed. I liked her.

But thankfully, there is some positive news today:

The Tulsa Shock have sold out their season opener.

Dawn Staley touched the audience last night when she spoke at “Young Ladies Night.”


  1. scuttlebutt is that claw would like to go to the mystics. hey, wait, didn't jen lacy get dropped by atlanta and lo and behold, surprise of surprises, she got picked up by the mystics. wow, what a coincident. come on, tell me you didn't see that one coming.

    otoh, the dot com has a cute picture of katie and lindsey as the top story. again, WOW, but for a different reason. is the league finally recognizing that there long-time fan base is the lesbian community?


  2. I am a teacher at high school in Chicago. I am trying to get students to read about things they are interested. Many of my students (female included) love basketball. I'm trying to recommend sites for them to follow. Your's looks like a good one. Thanks.

  3. Hi Coach Maley,

    Thanks a lot for the post, and I appreciate you and your students reading. If they or you have any ideas for columns, features, player profiles, etc, please let me know. Kids sometimes have better ideas than grownups, as I'm sure you know.

    Take care,