The truth about Hones comes out

Drunk and reckless driving of a golf cart on campus, then evading a police officer.

I don’t know what to say.


  1. Any word on how she was doing on the back nine before she got pulled over? Reminds me ofthe time former Cincinnati Bearcat hoopster Art Long was arrested for punching out a police horse in public. No official reason was ever given for the bizarre incident but a lot of speculation centered around the horse being from Louisville…

  2. Something tells me Tara might have handled this differently if her career wasn't in such limbo. I'm confident that at least one other womens basketball athelete has gotten in trouble with alcohol in the last 24 years, yet somehow JJ is the first to get dismissed for it.

    I'm not saying she was right, I'm just saying that college age kids do stupid things, and somehow we always find a way to forgive the ones we know will play big minutes for us next year…

  3. I'm curious to know how you might feel VanDerveer's career is in limbo when her teams are always highly-ranked, and they have made the Final Four the last two years and this year played for the championship.

    I agree with you to a point that some kids get away with more than others, and that the "star treatment" does apply at times. But this wasn't a punch during a game aka Griner's incident. I've read around the web where people are ridiculing that it was a golf cart, and I find that strange. Security uses golf carts at public schools to get around these days, and believe me, those things can kill someone just as easily as a car can.

  4. of course not. see that itsy bitsy teeny weeny emoticon? LOL

    but come on, it is a little funny when you play it in your mind's eye. well, to me it is. 🙂


  5. I was referring to Hones career (injuries, the recent surgery' the fact that she may not have even rehabbed in time to play any meaningful amount next year…)

    Clearly Tara has the job until she no longer wants it.