It’s official: Jennifer Azzi is in at USF

Jennifer Azzi is the new head coach at University of San Francisco. While I don’t share the outrage of the person who commented on last night’s post, I do wonder what’s behind this hire. Azzi is known more for her fitness expertise than coaching. She’s never had an assistant coaching gig, and that’s usually how it goes – work your way up through the ranks. Did Azzi know someone at USF?


  1. I see a bizarre correlation between this hire and your recent commentary on "quitters" in girls' basketball. Why should a girl stick it out, show loyalty or even work hard when positions like this are doled out without regard to experience or talent. Lesson taken USF and it's not a pretty one.

  2. I think you making a correlation between Azzi's hiring and the hiring process of most NCAA coaches is odd. The vast majority of coaches are assistants first and earn their way to the top. That's why some are so surprised and pissed off at USF's hire.

    You're saying that this happens all the time, and therefore is one of the causes of all these players quitting. I don't see how you could say that. If, on the other hand, you're saying that most coaches today are not qualified, and therefore why should players care and stick with a program, then that's a whole different discussion.

  3. Sue, as an educator yourself, you should know that a great student doesn't necessarily make a great teacher. Kids aren't stupid and if they see a teacher or coach who's incompetent, they'll react as such.

    I find the worst thing is that the only reason people appear to be defending Jennifer Azzi is because of her sex. That is truly disheartening.

  4. I agree with your "kids aren't stupid" sentence, but why don't you finish that thought and come out and say it. Which NCAA coaches do you think are stupid? Is the Iowa State coach, the Kansas coach, the Oregon State coach stupid? You're making implications.

    Also, please provide a link to discussions that are defending the Azzi hire because she's female. I'll even go back to rebkell to read them if they're there.

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