The Big Ten to be the Big 12, 14 or 16?

Big Ten commissioners are taking the next 12-18 months to study expanding the league. Reading between the lines of that short piece, it almost sounds like a done deal. But which schools would join the conference? Any guesses? And how would the conferences they come from deal? Lots of questions.

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  1. well, i've heard that notre dame would leave the big east and go to the big 10, or 12. 🙂

    and i think i heard that pitt would make the move to the expanded big 10.


  2. The Big Ten Network reportedly generates $22 mil per school in revenue. ND would broaden the network footprint to a national base, thus making every school more money. The other school getting interest is Texas. Texas presently generates $8-10 mil in TV revenues and they also would seriously expand the network broadcasting footprint. In both instances there is synergy by bringing new viewers, therefore new dollars to the Big Ten. Both schools also have pretty good academic reputations, so its not just about the money! LOL

  3. adding texas makes absolutely no sense. look at the geographic locations of all the other teams…midwest and east. texas would mean lots of $$$$ in travel and take away from the idea of a conference, which is to have competition among closely-situated school to breed rivalries.

    i would highly doubt texas would leave the big 12. look at the rivalries and history. just in texas alone you've got 4 of the 12 teams: texas, texas tech, a&m and baylor. sorry, don't see that move at all.

    and it is all about the money. if they can add a couple schools, the prize being notre dame, they can have a much bigger conference tourney, which equals mo' money.


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