Three worthy items

Tamika Catchings shares a gushy moment overseas. Has anyone ever said anything bad about Catch? I haven’t ever seen anything.

Delisha Milton-Jones, who played last weekend in the Euroleague championship, has a lot of interesting thoughts on many topics.

Speaking of musings, ESPN’s Mechelle Voepel has them about new NCAA coaches. The end is particularly good:

Bottom line, I’ve covered women’s basketball for 26 years. I couldn’t care less if a coach is straight, gay, male, female, has children or doesn’t have them. I care if coaches are good people who treat student-athletes with respect and are committed to their well-being and growth. Having the qualities to nurture and discipline young people is not linked to any certain formula involving a coach’s gender, sexual orientation or marital/parental status.

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  1. hey, sass, did you see that loree moore signed a training camp contract with the storm? woohoo! loree is a true pg and a proven vet. if she can get some of that 2007 mojo back, then the storm are in great shape at the pg spot.

    i think this change is going to be good for her. seriously, blaze and her stupid player antics would be enough to put somebody off their game. 🙂