Lunch time tidbits

ESPN says Maya Moore should be like Candace Parker and Epiphany Prince and go pro – forget that senior year.

The Connecticut Sun must have tanked last year so they could get Tina Charles. (*wink*) The LA Times points out that the Sun will draft her tomorrow, and asserts that the Sparks need guards. Aside from the terrific lead on that story, they’re off.

Hoopfeed reports two interesting items:

1. President Obama called the UConn team this morning to congratulate them, and called their winning streak “unreal.”

2. UCLA Coach Nikki Caldwell tweeted yesterday that she was going to meet former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Hoopfeed says Caldwell was “speechless” when Rice said, “I know who you are – great season.”

Hoopfeed also picked this up: The Connecticut Sun has traded Chante Black and Amber Holt to the Tulsa Shock in exchange for the number 7 pick tomorrow, and their second-round pick next year. Wow! Wonder who they’ve got their eyes on?


  1. LZ is off track with the suggestion that maya leave uconn and go play in europe. btw, if she is intimating prince is earning anywhere near the $200k-$400k the elite players get, i would call bullshit.

    epiph was an unknown commodity on the european market. players who get top money are the ones who make their name in the w: (sticking with americans here), bird, taurasi, nolan, pondexter, parker, hammonova. well, you get the idea. they have a rep built up as to the type of player they are, what they could be counted on to produce.

    maya is not stupid, the girl is, by all accounts, a brainiac. her best bet it to finish school on that scholarship, go out next year as the top draft pick and get the endorsements.

    just because epiph looks like a first round lock doesn't mean it should become a trend.

    Hey, Maya, don't be a fool, stay in school.


  2. i think it was a chance to dump two unproductive players. you know mike t. loves the uconn girls. so with the first pick he takes tina charles, and with the seven pick he grabs kalana greene. hey, its a theory. 🙂