The day after the grande finale

All the UConn stories you could hope to read are here.

The Cardinal gave it away.

Ya gotta feel for Jayne Appel, who played on a bad ankle all night long but couldn’t quite be like her usual self. Painful end to her college career.

UConn’s Tina Charles is living in the fast lane.

Stanford frosh Joslyn Tinkle’s dad Wayne is the University of Montana men’s basketball coach. He’s proud of his daughter, as you can imagine.

I so so so hate seeing the high school and college seasons end, and now they’re both done. *Sigh*

On the humor tip, Oklahoma sports writer Berry Tramel asks: Why play on a court that looks like a paint truck just wrecked? Great question.

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  1. gotta go with berry here. that damned floor in san antonio was a nightmare. i know the three second in the paint call is all but non-existent anymore, but hey if you wanted to call it, how could you tell the difference when the lines were virtually indiscernible?

    and what were with those damned cheetos curly-cues down on the ends of the court?

    stupid, stupid, stupid.