The Friday before the Final Four news

Mel Greenberg has some interesting notes on why this summer will make for a fascinating WNBA season – not the least of which that a lot of athletes will be coming “home” to play.

If Stanford can get past Oklahoma this Sunday, they could be UConn. Boy, wouldn’t that be great.

And speaking of the east coast Huskies, they aren’t the owners of the longest winning streak: that honor belongs to Washington University.


  1. gee, mel, no love for asjha jones?

    so, if connecticut is called usunn, what can we come up with for ny with all the ex-rutgers folks? suggestions, anyone? uknights just doesn't roll off the tongue right. lol

    finally, since blaze loves those rutger gals, i wish agler would work a trade with her to send chelsea newton back to ny. 🙂