Kelsey Bone leaving South Carolina

The heralded freshman who took so long to decide where she was going last year is transferring from South Carolina. Kelsey Bone won’t say where she’s going, but if Coach Dawn Staley has her way, it won’t be anywhere near her:

However, Bone went to Staley about two weeks ago with her desire to leave. Staley said the players and coaches did what they could to change her mind, and Bone even was seen helping host a South Carolina prospect last Saturday at a football scrimmage.

Bone would not be dissuaded. The player said through team spokeswoman Diana Koval she did not wish to make a statement or comment on her status.

“She was steady on thinking that another place was the best for her,” Staley said.

Bone is expected to remain in school through the semester, then decide where to go. Staley persuaded Bone to join the Gamecocks, who were 10-18 and just 2-12 in the SEC in 2008-09, over recruiting efforts by home-state programs Texas and Texas A&M.

South Carolina improved to 14-15 and 7-9 in league play with Bone.

Staley said flatly she would not release Bone to play at another SEC school. She would evaluate any other school that Bone brings her way before signing off, Staley said.

It is the first major off-court setback for Staley’s two-year-old program.

I remember last fall before the season started, and Bone and Staley went back and forth on twitter non-stop with seemingly good-natured bantering. But that eventually stopped.

Where could Bone be headed? It better not be Baylor, aka the transfer acceptance school.


  1. And senior guard Valerie Nainima renounced her last year of eligibility, so she's gone too. (She had a spare year since she was a transfer from LIU.) So… not the most auspicious few days for South Carolina.

  2. Baylor's bench will be so loaded next year that Kim Mulkey may have to give up her own seat…to accomodate her daughter, Makenzie Robertson. I think Kelsey Bone should go to Texas or Texas A&M. Spread the wealth throughout the Big 12!

  3. why is dawn being a prick, saying she'll basically decide where kelsey can/cannot play. boo, dawn. can you say sour grapes?

    i understand her not wanting kelsey to play in-conference, but come on, let the kid go play somewhere else.

    coaches get up and leave programs all the time, why shouldn't the kids be able to if the school is not a good fit?

    as i've said before, the kids and their parents need to really check out a program before they pack their child's bags, but if they get there and its just not working, then the school needs to release them. give the scholarship to a kid that really wants to be there. reward a walk-on or something.

    forcing unhappy kids to stay really worked for uw, didn't it?


  4. I'm not a Dawn Staley fan, myself–BUT–
    There's nothing wrong with a coach exhibiting a little control over a player; the commitment is to the SCHOOL, after all, whether that's how the kid sees it or not. Break the commitment, coach gets to pay you back.
    Oh, well!

  5. Are you serious? You really can't figure out why she wouldn't release her to another SEC school? Please tell me you know better than that? Why would you release your best player to a school that you are competing with for an NCAA Tourney bid? Bone's still free to go to an SEC school if she wants to. She'll just have to sit out an extra year.

  6. I know that this is all old discussion, however, one blogger suggested that Bone go to UCLA. Why on Earth would a top line prospect pick a school that attracts such little fan support? Outside Stanford and Gonzaga, wcbb along the West Coast is not up to snuff compared to the Big 12, SEC, or Big East.