On-court demeanor, Tennessee, Orender

ESPN’s Mark Lewis correctly points out the importance of high school players keeping a positive attitude on the court. College coaches are quick to write a player off for any of the infractions Lewis lists:

Not coachable
Won’t play hard
Bad attitude
Doesn’t compete
Doesn’t play well with others

I’ve seen coaches walk out of gyms when they see one of these things in a player they came to see.

Georgia point guard Andraya Carter has verbally committed to Tennessee. I just wish she could get to Knoxville before 2012, when she graduates from high school.

WNBA President Donna Orender says sports drive women’s success. Though I wish like hell it were true, I don’t think it is quite yet.

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  1. from mark lewis: Bad Attitude:
    "Reacting negatively to coaches, showing disappointment when being taken out of the game or constantly being ready to fight your opponent is not a sign of competitiveness. It's a lack of focus. The same goes for reacting to a bad play or getting in the face of an official. If you can't seem to focus and be thinking about what's next coaches may start thinking about other recruits."

    seems the osu recruiter/scout never saw prahalis on a bad day.