Sweet 16


I’m sad that UCLA wasn’t able to keep burning the incredible fire they had in the first half of tonight’s game against Nebraska. But you know what I love about the Bruins? They never give up. That’s THE winner’s mentality.

They’ll be back.

Very happy for San Diego State, which continues its upset streak, beating West Virginia 64-55.

Mississippi State upset Ohio State. (!) By a lot, too.

Xavier hung on to beat Vanderbilt by a point, which I’m so happy about.

Iowa State took out Wisconsin-Green Bay, 60-56.

And amazing freshman Skylar Diggins lead her Notre Dame team with 31 points in their victory over Vermont.

Who should get frosh of the year – Diggins or Brittney Griner? It’s not as easy a call as it seems.

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  1. no love for san diego over west virginia? πŸ™

    go, zags! go, aztecs! both going to the sweet 16!!

    and is everyone sick of prahalis yet? and is it wrong of me to want to see her get plastered with a couple hard mid-court picks? LOL


  2. oops, just caught the comment about sd, sorry, sass. πŸ™

    but i'd still like to see prahalis get her clocked clean a few times. πŸ™‚


  3. My daughter and I are bummed about the Bruins's season coming to an end, but she's already really excited to attend the team banquet, especially if it'll give her a chance to finally meet her personal hero, Allison Taka (I know, I know…).

    Anyone ever gone to one of these things? What's it like? Where do they have 'em? Are they worth attending?

    Patrick Meighan
    UCLA Class of '95

  4. I'd vote for Diggins. She's a point who led her freshman year. Any 6'8" player will have impact, but Diggins skills are immeasurable at this point. Stanford must realize what they lost. ;=)

  5. I was sad to see the Bruins fall. But they are really only losing one impact player. They will be back in 2011 and I am sure they will make another run to the tournament.

    @Patrick, the banquets are fun. I have attended several times and though the speeches and stuff get boring, it is fun to actually interact with the players.

    @Scully – Prahalis is a punk. She is too old to be behaving like that. She is a talented kid but needs to grow up.

    And I am jumping on the bandwagon with San Diego and the Zags.. Let's go underdogs….