Changes going down at USC

A reliable source tells me that the USC Trojans will see some changes this week. I wish I could elaborate, but it’ll be surprising. Stay tuned.

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  1. Can I take a guess? Either Coop has fired all his assistants (who were kinda forced upon him anyway last year, if I understand correctly) and is bringing in all his own folks, or Coop has stepped aside and handed the program over to Erv Monier (who seemed to do most of the in-game coaching anyway).

    Patrick Meighan
    UCLA Class of '95

  2. C'mon Sue the suspense is killing me – congrats to parade all americans – Lewis, Sherbert, Crook WIlliams, Samuelson, Harberts.

  3. I am going to put my bet on Coop flying the nest? or Garrett leaving… I don't see Erv Monier leaving anytime soon because he is friends with more people in administration than Coop. So, that is my guess. Your killing me Sue.. Helps us out!

  4. Sue works at USC and when they find out that she is posting she will be terminated! That's inside information… Unbelievable that she is soooo unprofessional that she is leaking info….