SoCal Division I championship: Mater Dei 51, Brea Olinda 46

Mater Dei finally got the monkey off their back and beat Brea Olinda today. You can see what it meant to them in the face of Alexyz Vaioletama in this picture.

But the end of the game was controversial, so it wasn’t a completely clean win. Mater Dei lead 50-45 with less than 30 seconds, when Brea’s Kelsey Harris was fouled behind the three-point line. The ref right next to her blew the whistle and held up three fingers, indicating she’d get three shots. But when she missed the second one and players collapsed into the key to resume play, none of the refs stopped the game to give Harris her third shot. Ladycat Coach Jeff Sink protested and got T’d up. But Monarch Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis missed both tech free throws. Just sloppy and stupid overall. If the refs had correctly called players back for Harris’ free throw, the outcome of the game might have been different.

Mosqueda-Lewis has become somewhat of a celebrity in these parts – especially after she verbally committed to UConn last fall after playing travel ball in Tennessee over the summer. But she’s not the best player in California. She might not even be ready to be a Husky if she doesn’t change a few things. For one thing, she relies too much on her outside shot which, even though it’s silky, can’t be her entire game. M-L needs to get quicker and move better; she’ll probably have to drop a few pounds. She also needs to get stronger inside, and to get better at free throws. I don’t see Geno accepting anything less.

Brea switched up at point guard. Here, freshman Ana Kim does the duties, guarded by Jordan Adams.

Brea’s Breana Buczek (#21) puts up a shot in the third quarter.

Jordan Adams dribbles up court in the fourth quarter…..

…..and unleashes a three.

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis is going to have to work on her game a lot to play for UConn, to whom she verbally committed last fall. She missed a lot of free throws and some easy layups today.

Brea reacts at the buzzer, on the big screen.

Mater Dei is happier on their side of the court.

Everyone knows that this was the true Division II state final today. But thanks to the CIF, the fake state final will put Mater Dei against Carondelet next weekend.

Other games:

Bishop Amat upset Inglewood earlier in the day, 56-54. They will face St. Mary’s of Stockton next week for the Division III championship. I predict Bishop will get stomped.

Long Beach Poly beat Clovis West 68-53 in Division I. They’ll play (kill) Oak Ridge next week.

In Division IV, Harvard-Westlake defeated Bishop Montgomery 57-44.

St. Anthony’s bested Montclair 48-41 for Division V.

Scores and write up 1 and write up 2.


  1. i know its not basketball related, but did you see where that young pitcher from mater dei hung herself last week? tragic.


  2. I agree with you Sue and in fact some on the boneyard are noticing her Huskyness, the other thing is she probably is at most 5" 11" the same as Duarte who even tho' is husky, moves better.

  3. I wouldn't worry about her size because she appears to have a body type that just never looks in shape. Noelle Quinn is like that and Chelsea Gray is really like that. I think the bigger question is how she will respond to Geno. Will she be another Taurasi and transcend the game or be another Charde Houston who ended up being wasted.

    I did hear at the game that Jordan Adams is a really strong UCLA lean.

  4. It's not so much the body type as it is the sloooowwwnessss. KML is very slow. If she dropped a few, though, she'd be faster.

    I wouldn't be surprised at Adams. She's at a lot of UCLA games.

  5. I agree, but even Quinn got in shape and T, but it's hard to imagine that Kiernan is'nt one of the best at pushing kids, but it doesn't seem to be working with her.
    Adams is an interesting case as what if Ariya verbals, Adams stock has apparantly dropped and if she wants UCLA and Ariya verbals first will she play?

  6. I have to disgree with you regarding Jordan Adams and her stock dropping. If you knew what other coaches knew was that she played on a pulled and bruised hamstring as well as a tweaked ankle them you would know that her stock has increased instead of dropped.

  7. Actually a lot of coaches say the concern is her coachability, after the last Brea game in particular they were surprised at the open display of irritation with her team and her lost composure, many of the blogs have talked about this over the last year. Mark Lewis has another nice piece on why such things are important and may be worth a read for Jerald.

  8. I'm always here. I read your blog daily. I only comment when I deem it necessary. I have to comment on anonymous again. You would lose your composure too and be frustrated if your body wouldn't allow you to do what it normally does in the biggest game of the year. I saw Jordan encouraging her teammates, not irritation. I know she was in therapy all week long getting that hamstring and ankle worked on and that she was encouraged not to play at all. She chose to play and even though it wasn't a great or good 1st half she did end up with 7pts, 13rbs, 8asst. Not great but not bad either.

  9. The game to which everyone was referring to was when MD lost to Brea and Adams turned the ball over several times in the 4th and she and Lewis were yelling at each other.

  10. Thanks for clarifying. If that's the case, then it's not fair to judge a young player based on one game. I've even seen WNBA players get irritated with each other during tough games. What is Jordan Adams? 15? 16?

  11. Hey Anonymous, I will tell you what Jordan and Kaleena were arguing about so that you have a better understanding. Kaleena was yelling at Duarte so Jordan started yelling at Kaleena to leave her alone and that all it would do was frustate Duarte. You see how things get started. You are baseing your argument over something you have no clue about. Before you judge, you should have all the facts. Until then, enjoy the game and the development as these young ladies grow into college players.