First half of the bracket is out; UCLA makes it

Hurry up, already!

Bracket so far.

UCLA vs. NC State, Vol vs. Vol.

Besides that, so far the most intriguing matchup is Oklahoma vs. South Dakota State. Iowa and Rutgers has sort of a karmic feel to it. Georgia and Tulane could be a fiery game, as could DePaul and Vanderbilt.

Ah, three on the other side of the bracket now. Poor Austin Peay, and poor Fresno State. The Bulldogs were first-rounders last year – that doesn’t seem fair.


  1. i think gonzaga could get past unc to meet up with a&m in the second round. i'm working on the assumption that a&M will get past portland state.

    a&m beat gonzaga by only 4 points at the las vegas preseason tourney.

    go, bulldogs!!!

    CONGRATS TO THE BRUINS! do you think you might at least try to get fired up for the ncaa tourney, girls?

    looks like usc didn't get in. they started out strong, but faded in a big way.

    i seriously thought the pac-10 would only get 2 slots, and that's how it played out.

    not too sure about the bruins chances against ncstate; they're a pretty physical team and i don't think ucla likes that style of play. but you'd know a lot better, sass. what say you?


  2. just noticed that gary blair got his wish: he's not on the same side with uconn. LOL instead he's over on the stanford side. like i said before, he may not even make it out of the 2nd round, IF gonzaga can pull the upset.

    what do you think about the vols potentially having to play uconn to advance, sass? the only two teams in the memphis bracket that i see maybe giving them a run for their money is baylor and duke, particularly duke.

    i look forward to your comments.


  3. I think you were commenting when I was posting, scully. I'm interested in your opinions too, so drop em.

    But see my comment on the other post in reply to you: UCLA has no trouble getting motivated. I hope you won't characterize them as unmotivated.

    I'm not sure about the Bruins' chances against NC State either, but I think Nikki Caldwell's a genius, so you never know.

    I didn't think the Pac-10 would get anymore than two slots either. No one else was worthy, frankly.

  4. what do you think about two ex-vols going up against each other, sass?

    i think both nikki and kelly are both terrific young head coaches and am really looking forward to the game. i hope its on tv; but with my luck, it'll be on during the seattle games, which start at 5:30pm saturday.

    and don't worry, i won't through the 'unmotivated' tag on the youngsters, i just found their demeanor very odd. they're a really young team and need someone to step up as a leader. i anticipate that person to be dixon.


  5. You said the magic word, scully: leader. In Friday night's press conference, Caldwell said that Dixon and Walker were great players, but her team is still looking for a leader to step up and lead the team. I hope they get one, because that could be the gateway to the next level for them.

    UCLA vs. NC State? FUN! I'm drooling. Two coaches from the same program playing each other? Count on a shitload of defense and discipline. I just need to know the game time so I can make some plans.