Tia Jackson will be retained as University of Washington coach

Not sure how I feel about this, and I don’t feel qualified to state an unequivocal opinion since I’m not in Seattle and don’t go to Husky games. Any Northwest residents have opinions one way or the other?


  1. not surprised since they'd have to pay off her contract…$360k since she has 2 years left. wow! that would surely break the uw bank. ha!

    i remember when june was let go and the hunt for a new hc was on. people were pushing for marciniak and goestenkors. can you imagine any ad going to coach g and saying, 'we'd love you to come here and turn our program around, make us a winner, help us beat stanford, but oh, btw, we can only pay you $180k.' bwahahahahaha


  2. I have to say I thought her job prospects looked bleak after a) the Sac State loss and b) a VERY narrow win against SeattleU…

    But something happened over the break and they have made significant improvement during conf play. When you combine that with the injuries they've suffered this season and the fact that Rogers — who she was counting on — took a while to get into shape, it would have been unfair to fire her this year.

    Next year will be very tough without Rozier, Whitcomb, McLellan and Mosiman…