Pac-10 Tournament next weekend

What a difference a year makes. Here are the Pac-10 standing as the regular season has drawn to a close, and all teams head into the conference tournament in Los Angeles this weekend:

Arizona State
Washington State
Oregon State

Who would have predicted UCLA would be second in the conference?

That Arizona State would have lost so many games?

That Washington State would turn around a horrific start and work their way to ninth?

That Oregon State would be so bad?

It’s been an interesting season, to say the least. But I see a Stanford-UCLA final a week from today, unless there is a major, major upset.

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  1. And as long as the upset is of Stanford I am good with it…. I think it will a tough tournament, because there have been some close games down the stretch. But I, too, think it will be a UCLA / Stanford final. I am so proud of what the Bruins have accomplished this year.

    At the post game social yesterday, Nikki and the team was so upbeat, but so focussed on what they want to accomplish through the post season it was very impressive. This is a team with a mission and nothing less then success is going to acceptable to them.

  2. UCLA had a social after their last game. It was for STH's. I do belong to the Center Court Club. It's ok, but right now they have not been doing a lot. I would venture to guess they will become more involved as the team continues to have success.