March Madness has begun, and more

Brittney Griner’s been suspended for at least two games for punching opponent Jordan Barncastle in the face last night. The hit, in the second half of the Baylor-Texas Tech game, broke Barncastle’s nose.

ESPN’s Mechelle Voepel says there’s no excuse for Griner’s actions.

I’m not quite sure what ESPN’s Jemele Hill is trying to say in this column.

The SEC Tournament is underway, and the games are fast and furious. Georgia beat Alabama, 73-66. Vanderbilt escaped Arkansas, 65-64. Auburn over Florida, 74-61. And Ole Miss defeated South Carolina, 64-63. Whoo! Wish I could be there.

Cal’s Alexis Gray-Lawson got the Naismith Award! Congrats to her.

Candace Parker updates fans on the Euroleague Playoffs.

Great piece from ESPN’s Mark Lewis on club ball teams.

Wonderful story here about one of Southern California’s best point guards: Hazel Ramirez of Inglewood High School. The fiery player has lead her team back to the CIF league championship game this year despite the graduation of most of Inglewood’s top players in 2009. Ramirez and the Sentinels take on Agoura at 11:15 a.m. Saturday at Long Beach State University. Theirs is the second of a quadruple-header that will determine the champions of each Southern Section league.


  1. In our first game as a ranked team since 2006, the Bruin Women's Basketball team got a W, but did it while somehow, weirdly, looking simultaneously asleep and out of control… a combination you wouldn't think to be logically achievable.

    This was one of those games that I'm glad the Tournament Committee couldn't watch. It was just every sloppy thing you could think of. Lotta turnovers, as almost always. Some missed front ends of one-and-ones. Jasmine missed a lot of chippie buckets underneath that she usually converts automatically. Caroms that–for the past 15 games–would typically wind up in Bruin hands for easy put-backs just found their way to Devils this time. And every time we'd just start to make what felt like a run (it's like you spent all night just *waiting* for one of our big runs), Turner Thorne would immediately call a TO and the run would fizzle away.

    Throw it all together with annoying Pauley clock difficulties, injury scares for both Jasmine and Markel (both ended up being fine), and Coach Caldwell's borderline-weird substitutions tonight (as she desperately searched for someone, anyone, who could protect the dang ball) and the whole night just had no rhythm or flow whatsoever.

    Finally–and this may be bullcrap–but it occurred to me while watching the game that maybe we're just not yet used to playing as the favorites. We're just so accustomed to being the hunters, we gotta adjust to this new life in the Top 25, where we're the hunted.

    Eh, like I said, it may be bullcrap.

    Anyhoo, we did not look like one of the 25 best teams in the country this evening. But ain't it nice to be able to play poorly and *still* gut out a win against a not-untalented conference foe? A couple years ago, we don't win this game.

    So… congrats on the win, ladies! Hopefully you can get the sweep on Senior Day and send Allison, Erika and Mo off in style.

    Patrick Meighan
    UCLA Class of '95