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The Daily Trojan put something up about the game after all. Funny it doesn’t mention that the rivalry has been stoked up big time by the “eff UCLA” comment.

The LA Daily News has a story on Bruin forward Jasmine Dixon today. Being far away from home and lack of playing time? Cry me a river, Dixon. But I’m fine with you being on the UCLA roster.


  1. i found this comment by jasmine very interesting:

    'but most of all its knowing who i am playing. by the time we get on the court, i already know their strengths and weaknesses.'

    can we extrapolate from that comment that cviv is not concentrating on scouting and prep work? if not, then the reasons behind all those early morning and marathon practices have to be questioned. perhaps she does just use them as 'punishment'.

    btw, the comment dixon made about being far from home, lack of playing time, and 'the mental and physical toll of stringer's practices'…there it is again. these kids cannot be pushed to such limits. they are not professional athletes. they are student athletes.

    i'm sure most everyone knows brittany ray's story about how much time the girl has to rest her body between studying and practice times. its ridiculous.

    as i've said before, parents and athletes alike have to really research the coach and school before committing. cviv is a coach who's living on reputation.

  2. just wondering what you think a coach's input should be in assisting a recruit pick a school? i'm sure there are many out there who want to push their kids to the big name schools cuz it gives their program relevance. but in your experience, do you think coaches are any less star struck than parents/players?


  3. High school coaches really don't do shit to help their players find colleges, but club ball coaches do. They are well-connected on the college circuit and can be objective enough to help a kid find a college that's appropriate for her.

    Kids who aren't on a club ball team for financial or other reasons best get busy finding themselves a school.

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