A lil’ NCAA parity

Look at all these upsets and near-upsets today. Is it the full moon or parity?


  1. i watched the ohio state/indiana game and iirc, osu didn't score for something like the last 10 minutes! that's not necessarily parity as much as poor execution. when you have lavendar and prahalis you should be able to score more, but indiana was playing some good zone defense and osu couldn't figure it out. foster used poor time management and wasn't able to adjust. that was their second loss in the same week to an unranked team; the other being purdue.

    osu is putting itself in a very vulnerable position with it comes to playoffs.

    i like indiana, they're a fiesty group with a good coach. 🙂

    as for baylor/texas: baylor is not going to get any better until melissa jones is back to full speed. can she do it this season? kim insists on sitting players with 2 first half fouls and teams are taking advantage of griner being on the bench. baylor is an extremely young team and they need jones on the court to give them stability and leadership.

  2. I wish I'd seen the Ohio State-Indiana matchup. You may be right about OSU and the playoffs.

    I agree 100 percent about Jones. Notice how they've fallen apart since she got injured.