Losers, winners, helpers

The Washington Huskies beat Washington State last night, 76-70, in what you could call the race for the bottom of the Pac-10. Even though Cougar Coach June Daugherty is known for her mediocrity, I’m still a bit surprised that her team is even worse this year than last. It would be a downer for me, personally, to be winless in my conference.

At Stanford, senior center Jayne Appel is handling the pressure so others can thrive, says the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review acknowledges UConn is breaking records, but asks, “is it boring?” DUH. Make that DOUBLE DUH.

Some positive press on Rutgers: there’s Brittany Ray’s success and Chelsey Lee’s contribution.

I’ve been watching Arkansas’ struggle this year and wondering what’s up. C’eira Ricketts is living it.

Kate Starbird is helping Haiti.


  1. In terms of Washington State, I think we have to remember that they start 2 freshmen and 3 sophomores. It may take some time for them but I think they will improve once they become upperclassmen.

  2. Have to agree with Fancy_daniel. I doubt you thought June was "medicore" when she had the Mendiola's and UW in the Elite 8. Once her young kids mature, we may just see another program "turnaround".

  3. Actually, I was never that impressed by Daugherty. One year in the Elite 8 out of 14 at the UW does not make a champion to me.

    But I certainly hope she can turn the program around. I've been wanting them to do well since a kid I know started going there.

  4. I sat behind WSU bench last season and was shocked at the behavior of her players. They acted like spoiled brats and Daughterty's freshmen treated her like she was a substitute teacher. She seems like a member of the Olivier coaching methodology. Try to be the players best friend and let them run the program. The Mendiolas, great players though they were, were hardly shrinking violets and they and their family have controlled every group they've played with since elementary school club.

    UW had to get rid of June, because the program would have been doomed to mediocrity. I'm still not sold on Tia Jackson at all, but look at the two schools and it's obvious one is on the way up and the other is on the way down.

  5. I've heard that, anonymous, that Daugherty is one of those coaches who tries to be buddies with the players. The comparison with Kathy Oliver is apt. I would have loved to sit with you for a few of those games to see it for myself. I'll do it when they come to Pauley Pavilion Feb. 20.