Is she really going to play?

USC claims Jacki Gemelos is finally ready to step on the court after almost four years of waiting.

And the SEC race is challenging for the Vols this year.

The 96-75 victory Jan. 3 in UT’s final non-conference game seems like months ago to Alyssia Brewer.

“It feels like we played OU in like November,” the Tennessee forward said.

Oh, how I know what she means.

(UCLA-Oregon game report will be posted tomorrow…..)


  1. "(UCLA-Oregon game report will be posted tomorrow…..)"

    My daughter and I were at that game, is it cool if I post what we saw? 'Cause what we saw was a Bruin win over the Ducks, 104-80. UCLA was nominally in control for most all of the game, though the score stayed close 'til about the, I dunno, 7-minute mark or so, at which point the Bruins pulled away.

    High points included a lot of rim-filling by Doreena, a nice 15 point performance by Mariah inclusive of a couple of pretty decent dishes and a perfect four-for-four from the free throw line, Jasmine continuing to be Jasmine, and (in garbage time) a couple points for the walk-on, Jackie Shepard. Crowd went pretty wild at that one, and so did the starters, watching from the bench at that point.

    Decent and loud-enough crowd, too (1200 reported), although a lot of 'em were, like, junior high students on a school outing or something. They were yelling loud for the Bruins sometimes, but they also sometimes were just kind of yelling loud, period, for no real reason. You know how that is.

    More good news: the Bruins' free throw shooting was better-than-horrible! UCLA shot 18 for 23 as a team, for a not-terrible-by-UCLA-standards 78%.

    Only frightening part of the night: Markel Walker took a pretty solid shot to the eye (or thereabouts) in the 2nd half and looked to be hurt real bad. She sat on the bench, covering her face, for it seemed like 10 minutes before finally letting the team doctor/trainer/whatever even look at it. Finally the doctor/trainer escorted her off to the locker room (or someplace), and it looked like she was done for the night, but she ended up coming back and getting in for the last few minutes of the game, and looked strong, to boot.

    All in all, it was an exceptionally fun game to be in Pauley for, and HAD to be more satisfying to watch than the men's game up in Eugene, going down at the same time. Wish I could go to the OSU game on Saturday, but I gotta watch my 1-month-old son all day that day, and he's just not quite ready for a trip to Pauley. Maybe I'll take him to Galen come conference tourney time.

    Looking forward to reading your write-up, Sue. This is quickly becoming one of my regular way-stations on the web. Keep up the good work.

    Patrick Meighan
    UCLA Class of '95