I saw the news at lunch today about how the Pac-10 reprimanded Michael Cooper for his “eff UCLA” outburst, but I didn’t feel like posting it. The whole thing is pointless – a mere save-face formality.

Former Sacramento Monarchs coach Jenny Boucek has rejoined the Seattle Storm as director of player development and scouting. Great idea.

#20 Texas upset #12 Oklahoma tonight.

Another blow for Louisville: they’ve lost senior Chauntise Wright, whose appeal for a fifth year was denied. She graduated in December.

RAC fans message to Epiphanny Prince: we ain’t mad at ya.

#8 Georgia upset my #3 Vols. I can already hear the sound of feet running tomorrow, for hours……


  1. Pat Summitt is a legend but looking at her roster, there is no excuse for the past two seasons. I think she misses Nikki Caldwell and what she brought to the table, but there's more going on, although I have no idea what.

    You never count her out, but I seriously doubt we will see Tennessee toppling UConn for at least another six years. I don't even think they'll be ahead of Stanford in that time period.

  2. Things ebb and flow, in life and basketball. UConn will eventually fall too.

    I'm not ready to throw in the towel on this Tennessee season for one loss. They were ranked third, after all, which is better than last year. I'd be concerned if they hadn't shown any improvement from last season.

    The most insightful thing for me was some article from last year where Pat Summitt was quoted as being baffled by the fact that you have to motivate this generation the way you do. It validated my experiences, and that of other teachers and coaches. If it's even at Summitt's level, it's everywhere. Kids today are a different breed, and coaches have to work harder to get more out of them.

  3. okay, i have to admit to letting out a squeal when i read that jennyboo is back in seattle. her new title is that of de facto coach. sue bird went flatline for a couple seasons after jenny left. with both birdie and tanisha doing so well last year, it can only get better with jenny back as their mentor.

    and if all that hubbub about jenny preaching in the locker room in sacrameto is true, i have no doubt it was addressed, dealt with and boundaries set before any offer was made or any contract signed.

    so, welcome back, jenny!! we've missed you here in seattle.