Ah, those city teams

Washington Prep fans had their say – and their win – this past Friday in a regular-season Marine League matchup with arch rival Narbonne.

The Generals, who lost to the Gauchos last weekend at the Fairfax Tournament/LA City Showcase, won 41-33 Friday at Narbonne’s gym. Prep fans had been outraged by what they said was the biased refereeing towards their rivals, and were miffed at what they said was the “dirty play” of the Gauchos during the tournament.

After Narbonne took the lead in the first quarter of Friday night’s game, the Generals stepped up their defense and out-scored their opponents in each of the remaining quarters. Here is the stats page, which at this moment includes none for Narbonne (the coach enters the team’s stats).

The Gauchos had been roundly criticized on the socalhoops.com board for their noisy post-game celebration after winning their semifinal game Jan. 7. They danced in a circle and shouted, “Who’s house? G’s house!”

During the game this past Friday, the large crowd that showed up to support Prep grew very loud at times, and broke into choruses of “Who’s house? Prep’s house!” as the game wound to a close.

The rivalry between the teams has been fierce for years. Narbonne won the Marine League title 12 years in a row – and swept Prep every time – until 2008. That year Prep won in the second meeting of the two teams, and they shared the league title. Last year Prep went undefeated in the league and won the title outright.

Narbonne will come to Washington Friday, Feb. 5, for what will likely be this year’s deciding game.

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  1. I'm all for rivalries, but this one's getting a little too nasty for my taste. I think the programs should start reeling their teams and fans in.

  2. And that full-out brawl won't just be between the players, it will involve the spectators as well. I guarantee that. The emotion that I've witnessed by both sides has gotten out of control.

    It would be a horrible, horrible moment for City.

    If we witness this kind of violence, it might be the sort of thing that allows the LAUSD to cutback on girls sports under the guise that they don't have enough security. Any excuse to cut the budget.

  3. Even if LAUSD was stupid enough to try and defy Title IV and cut back on girl's sports (no proposals have been on the table to cut any sports, by the way), the Prep and Narbonne parents would never let them. Those schools have some of the most passionate community bases in the greater LA area.