SoCal star leaves Oregon State

Tayler Champion has left the Oregon State basketball program mid-way through her freshman year. Champion played for four years at Inglewood High School where, as a senior last year, she lead her team to the state runner-up title in Division 3A. The once-highly sought recruit is rumored to be transferring to a Southern California college.


  1. Does anyone know if it is USC? Perhaps she thinks that Cooper is the best thing for her? Hmmmm. What is it with all these young women transferring? How much are they really learning when they make a commitment and run when they get the chance? There should be something in the letter of intent that they sign… Perhaps they should sit out more than a semester or a season, maybe that will teach them a bit about commitment. If that is not the issue I am sorry – but, it just kills me to see all these girls assuming that their word can just change as they see fit after making a commitment. Thats all I am saying… What do you think Sue?

  2. It's true that the general lack of accountability permeates society, including young people. I see it every day at school. But in cases like these, it can be other things as well. Sometimes the player gets to the school and it isn't like she thought it would be, and/or it isn't as it was represented on the official visit. Even though a recruit spends 48 hours at the school on such a visit, sometimes that isn't enough time to see if it's the right place for her.

    I think being forced to sit out a year – which Jasmine Dixon did and which Champion will do – is plenty of punishment for making a wrong decision.