A little of everything today

Clay Kallam contemplates: Jayne Appel or Tina Charles?

People sure seem to like Kellie Jolly Harper. They can’t stop writing about her.

Trojans’ loss is Ducks’ gain in Kai Felton.

Cal women are S-T-rugglin.

And USC recruit Cassie Harberts is not only inspired by her brother, but her mother met her soon-to-be-coach 21 years ago. Weird.


  1. Regarding the Cal womens struggles.
    Freshman Talia Caldwell is hitting a lights out fg pct of 64%(hitting 43 of 67). However, her FT's are 10for 42 or 23.8%. I am not sure I have seen that wide a difference in percentages.
    By the way, I checked her stats at Marlbrough HS and her FT's ranged from 55% to 61% the past three years.
    Is it nerves from the line?

    IM in OC

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