$100 for courtside seats at a high school game?

Well, you can get away with that if you’re Mater Dei and you’re hosting Brea Olinda.

Admission (for regular folks)? $15.

Cost of seeing the number two and four-ranked teams in the U.S.? Priceless.

This link explains the cause.

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  1. So, what do you think about the matchup so early. Both MD and Brea are nervous about this one. If MD prevails then it solidifies #1 if Brea wins they could take #1. Are you going to be there? What do you think?

  2. It's not really that early. High school teams began play late November-early December, and they have their last regular season games around Feb. 11. Last year's premiere matchup between Brea and Cajon was Jan. 24.

    The stakes are huge in this game. Whomever wins will move up a spot or two and will most likely take away the other team's spot in the rankings. Talk about pressure!

    Yes, I'll be there. Wouldn't miss it.

    Most would give the edge to Mater Dei because they're frighteningly polished. They just flow together like a river; they have such good on-court communication. Mosqueda-Lewis is ice woman.

    But don't count out passionate Brea. They BELIEVE they can, and they did it last March to Mater Dei in the state playoffs.

    The game could go either way, 50-50.

    What do you think?

  3. I would give the edge to MD. Brea is a very good team. Lexi is a great point and Olukemi(not sure if I spelled that right) is a player and Kelsey can flat out shoot but I think MD is to deep and to strong. without Jonae its a different ball game. Adams, Lewis, Spears, Thomas, Duarte and possibly X (Violetama) and the rest of the bench is just to deep. MD doesn't lose anything when their bench comes in. Brea loses a lot if their starters go out of the game.

    We will see. It will be a great game either way. I will be sitting in the $100.00 seats (NOT).