Was this post-game celebration inappropriate?

Last night at the Fairfax Tournament, Narbonne and View Park went through the handshake line and slapped hands. Then ‘Bonne gathered in a circle in front of their bench and, holding on to each other, started swaying back and forth and screaming, “Whose house?! G House!!” very loudly, over and over. Washington Prep and Fairfax, who were to play the next game, had to pause for a moment in their game preparations for the celebration to end.

There’s a discussion on socalhoops as to whether or not this celebration was inappropriate. The pro-celebration viewpoint says the girls had a right to celebrate a hard-earned victory however they choose, and anyone who speaks badly of them for that is a hater. The anti-celebration folks say Narbonne showed very bad sportsmanship by carrying on for so long in someone else’s gym.

I’m curious: what do you think? G’s house or rude kids and coach?

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  1. well, there's celebration and then there's rubbing your opponent's nose in it. if it went so long that it held up the other teams' warmups, then it went too long. and the coach should be involved in a conversation about appropriateness and sportsmanship.


  2. I got up to go to the restroom just as Narbonne was starting their cavorting. I walked from near the top of the bleachers to the bottom, at half court. Walked that half court and was halfway up the baseline to the door by the time they stopped. A good minute or so, perhaps. Too long?

    I asked a 19-year-old Prep fan today what she thought, and she was on the "they're haters" side.

    Still would like more input.