OOO…….USC defeats #17 Arizona State!

I gotta say, this eight-player Trojan squad has guts of steel. They’ve already won more games than I ever thought they would by this point in the year, and that was before all the injuries. What’s more, this isn’t the first ranked opponent they’ve knocked off – just the latest. 60-56 was the score, and much of it came from USC three’s, too.

Perhaps Coach Michael Cooper has found his true calling coaching at the college level? We’ll see, but color me impressed so far.

On the other side of the state, UCLA took down Arizona, 67-58. Great day for NCAA Cali teams.

Speaking of UCLA, I keep forgetting to post this about Kacy Swain committing to the Bruins a few days ago. Good news for Coach Nikki Caldwell, as her team needs some size.

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  1. Arizona only used 6 players(a 7th player played 3 minutes). Injuries or lack of confidence by the coach?
    I dont think Arizona was highly rated by most in the Pac 10 for this season. Based on the above shouldn't UCLA have beaten Arizona by a bit more than 9 points?

    USC's comeback was a more impressive win. They played against a more experienced and a top 25 team, although that might change on Monday. Coming from behind on the road in the last few minutes is very hard. I wouldnt want to be in the ASU locker room after that finish.
    I think the gap between Stanford and the other 9 teams is huge.

    Still its early and lets have some fun.

    IM in OC