End of the year stuff part II, and more

Fanhouse has a list of milestones for the year. Most of them aren’t milestones in the true sense of the word, but all are notable.

The second session of Nike TOC just wrapped up.

Abi Olajuwon lead Oklahoma to victory last night. Funny, as I was just watching her former high school team, Marlborough, get blown out last night at the Beverly Hills/Harvard-Westlake tournament. They’ve never been the same since she left.

UConn Coach Geno Auriemma told his team that beating Florida State 78-59 is too close. (You can’t see me rolling my eyes right now, can you?)

And a couple of Seattle-related notes: Loyola reached triple-digits in beating Seattle University last night, in a game I wish I could have attended. And the extremely fair Seattle Times writes a story today on a Washington Husky player. Is the UW ever going to get it together?


  1. Actually, Marlborough started falling after Nikki Speed left. Abi, though a nice girl, was never a dominant high school player and many questioned whether she could succeed at the next level. As it was, choosing Oklahoma was a great idea because she was able to be behind the Twins for the majority of her career.

    Nikki made the biggest mistake of her basketball life choosing Rutgers. Do these girls even consider the style of play the colleges employ before signing? In Nikki's case, there was perhaps no worse chose for her game than CVS.

  2. I hear you, but at least Marlborough were still contenders when Abi was there. Now they're just an average high school team.

    As to your question, NO. It's always shocking to me how much high school girls are ignorant of the colleges that are recruiting them. I was talking with a top recruit last night about the scout who came to see her Tuesday night. She had no idea the (recently changed) coaching history of the team, or much else about them. I told her she needed to educate herself.

    Probably Speed thought the name Rutgers sounded good.

  3. hmmmm, remember what i was saying about how the huskies were going to be hurtin' puppies without sami? 🙂

    as for rutgers, cviv seems to take extreme pride in her ugly style of play. LOL the parents of kids have to take the major part of the responsibility, imo, for seeing that their child is in the right place. but they get caught up in the glitz and hype just like anybody else. but, come on, if your kid is so good as to have scouts and recruiters coming around, they need to educate themselves about the coach and the style of play. its more than just a pretty campus and 'the other girl's were really friendly'.

    have a terrific first day of the new decade, mi amiga!