Does punishment do the trick?

Rutgers is going to have a practice in about one and a half hours.

Wondering: do readers think these punishment practices do any good? Just curious.

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  1. Hells Yeah! They gotta perform on the dance floor! These kids are getting 50-60K scholarships… they gotta come on and get it DONE.

  2. there have been times when c.viv has run her team through pre-game practices and they come out flat and tired. so i don't know if its beneficial or not. i think more than a physical thing, its mental. you're just tired mentally and emotionally. don't know how effective her 'punishment' is (in that it motovites her team) or if it doesn't actually play against her intent (creates fatigue and resentment.

    i still question whether her extra practice techniques had anything to do with epiph leaving early.


  3. I agree with scully. It's not the punishment I object to. Pat Summitt employs various punishments to her team when necessary. I find fault with the timing. If Stringer truly wanted to right the course of her team, she'd have practices when they could be most beneficial. You can't tell me that anyone is awake at 4 a.m., mentally or physically.