More on the prospective Sparks coach

So how does the Seattle Times seem to know more about the LA Sparks coach search than the LA Times? Because the LA Times sucks.

Marianne Stanley, Rick Mahorn, Jenny Boucek or Jennifer Gillom……who do you think would be the best fit for the Sparks? It’s an interesting menu from which to choose.


  1. Who would be the best? How about who would suck the least.

    I think Boucek and Stanley have too much baggage. Grandmama hasn't shown much although she was a brief member of the Sparks and was well liked.

    Do you remember the horrible fight that Mahorn was included in with the Sparks? It remains one of the worst moments in WNBA history. Honestly, I would have been happy if he had been banned from the W for life.

    There's got to be better contenders than this.

  2. Im all about giving Boucek a second chance. I would love to see her up there again. I think she is a great coach and she works hard. However, I think that they are all great candidates for the job and will do just find and dandy filling Coopers shoes. Good luck to the new coach, the administration, and the team in the future.

  3. mentioned Pokey to 3 powers that be (not pt) back in July, two of which said they would consider her-damn, sure wish they had phoned her-she has an incredible winning record & as expected continues to do fabulous overseas-whomever gets her will WIN a 'ship within 2 seasons-believe that! someone should hire her quickly-she is a brilliant coach & really wish the Sparks would consider her as an asst-could work out well for all…

  4. jennyboo's 'stated pro-christian agenda' (anonymous #3's words) is neither here nor there. people are allowed to believe what they choose. where that comes into question is are those beliefs being foisted on her captive audience (team)? if not, then there's no reason to not consider her as a candidate anywhere.

    and how hypocritical is it to worry about jenny's strong religious beliefs when team owners continue to sponsor post-game events where the players appear and speak about their religious beliefs.

    some people even have issues with some of the half-time musical entertainment, when that entertainment is by a gospel group. again, sponsored by the team owners.


  5. Uh, no it isn't Scully. It's very pertinent because Boucek has stated that she wanted to bring religion into a Godless sport. As such, she used to have hour long "Soul Food" sessions which were the equivilent of revival meetings. Lots of players resented this and some, like Yolanda Griffin voiced objection to religion being shoved down their throats.

    Sue posted an audio link a while back that you should take a listen to. If I were a lesbian, member of another faith, etc. I could imagine that she could be a terrifying presence.

    And incidentally, her forced preaching to the players is unconstitutional. She absolutely has the right to her beliefs, but she has made it her goal to bring it further than that.

    There are certainly colleges and universities which would be open to her views and approach. She should apply for one of those.