Baylor’s Mulkey vs. Louisiana Tech

Gotta love the ending quote from this story:

Mulkey has a 243-67 record with the Lady Bears, her head coaching success coming in Waco instead of at Louisiana Tech.

“People continue to talk about it, but that’s so old,” Mulkey said. “I want to win, and I want to look good (Saturday). And that’s the same approach I take to all the games.”

It should be a great game.


  1. Well, I try to keep in mind that fashions in the south probably differ quite a bit from those of the west coast.

    "Looking good" also means behavior. I was watching the Tennessee-Baylor game at the HAX with some dude last month, and right when I asked rehetorically, "so is Kim Mulkey going to act crazy again this year?" she stormed down the line, past the scorer's table, arms way up and yelling. We both giggled.