Around the NCAA…………..

UCLA almost got Kansas tonight, dammit. At least they out-rebounded them and out-assisted them.

The Rutgers’ daily newspaper is being awfully harsh on freshman Monique Oliver. “Regresses”? It’s been one game, for god sakes. Give the kid a chance.

In Vols news, Pat Summitt chilled with the Rockettes. Good thoughts go out to assistant coach Daedra Charles-Furlow, who is facing an unspecified medical problem.

The University of Washington daily has an interesting Pac-10 predictions list.

And this just in: USC beat Long Beach State a few moments ago.


  1. Good for Jody, she almost got them, USC towered over a small LB line up and they didn't even try to exploit it inside, great game for State and now I know she will turn that program around.

  2. That was a helluva game by UCLA (watched it intermittently with the Big Ten-ACC challenge). Markel Walker blew a lay-up that could have tied it under a minute after Kansas fumbled, but she's still a very impressive player- better than her sister, I think.

  3. USC lead by 10 at the half. Five minutes into the second half they were up by 21. USC let up and got sloppy with their passes. 15 minutes later State was back in the game. USC prevailed but it never should have been close.

    USC looked sharp in the 1st half and showed a different look from last year. State was improved as well. Jody will be succesful in the years to come and it is exciting to watch all of this unfold.