Another ACL tear at USC?

First there was USC recruit Thaddesia Southall’s injury.

Then sophomore Michelle Jenkins sustained a knee injury in last week’s game. Rumor has it that it’s another ACL tear.

I’m speechless.


  1. Thaddesia's injury is old news and she needed more time for rehab. Now if Jenkins has an ACL, then that will leave me speechless.

    If Jenkins goes out, 4 of USC's 13 scholarship players will be out for the season due to ACL injuries. Jackie Gemlos has been at USC for four years and has never played a minute. Stephanie Gilbreath has been at USC three years and has not played a minute as well. You can't win with those kind of odds stacked against them.

    What a shame.

  2. Jenkins is out for the year with an ACL. The team, which was thin to begin with, is going to be carried by two sophmores–Corral and Gailbreath; frosh Christina Marinacci and senior Erika Hughes.They will all see plenty of playing time this season. There is no bench to speak of other than the walkons.