A lil Pac-10, a lil Big 12, a big lil dunker

UCLA kicked the butts of Utah last night, 69-33. It looks like the Bruins continue their balanced scoring attack, but the low number of rebounds concerns me.

Big game coming up in a few hours in Cal, as the Bears take on the Bears of Baylor. Raaahh! Very cute pic of Baylor Coach Kim Mulkey with freshman Brittney Griner here.

Yes, Arizona State is overrated.

And all those people who freak out and trip when women dunk are out of luck. Here’s a (grainy) video of an eighth-grader who can stuff it. You can’t stop it, so just enjoy it.

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  1. wonder why they threw cappie in there? everyone knows, cappie can't dunk. LOL

    folks who somehow think they can keep the women's game 'pure' and free of dunks have a rude awakening coming.

    as these youngsters' physical attributes evolve and develop, there'll be no stopping them. and to quote my favorite ex-jailbird: that's a good thing. 🙂

    personally, i'm looking forward to the day when women dunk…not all the time like the men, but it definitely is going to add some extra pizazz to the game!

    go, girls!!! be all you want to be.