Unconscionable behavior on the part of Duke

If you know you don’t want a recruit after all, tell her right after the July viewing period – not three weeks before National Signing Day. It’s well-known that all the prime spots are filled the second Wednesday in November, and those waiting until the late signing period in April will take what they can get, for the most part, as coaches fill in the holes that are left on their rosters.

But I guess that’s what you can expect from a head coach who used to, and still may, make players schedule an appointment to talk to her.


  1. Sue:

    I've just read the article as well as comments on many boards. Wow. You have a program that has trouble getting recruits, gets a verbal from a promising center, sweet talks her and then tells her there's no playing time for her when they get other higher ranked recruits. And the biggest slap in the face was that the head coach didn't even deliver the news to the player herself. She had her assistant do it over the phone.

    I don't know much about the Duke program but what a terrible example for a head coach to set.

  2. Duke is recruiting one of the top ranked players in the class of 2011. She is not happy with them from my conversations with her dad. She thinks they are fake and not forthcoming. I now have to rethink Duke myself.

  3. I must say that since I first saw McCallie during MSU's run several years ago, I have not liked her at all. She really berates players from the bench by scfreaming at them two inches from their faces. This not a big surprise to me. I'll bet she loses at least 1 of this recruiting classs by the end of the season.

  4. Duke isn't the only school who runs recruiting like a business. Schools will string along a 16/17 year old to drop them like a hot potatoe after another recruit comes calling who they didn't think they could get. The rules are written for the coaches, not these young women who believe the "fakeness".