Mater Dei 52, Long Beach Poly 48

They came, and they kept coming. Five minutes before Mater Dei and Long Beach Poly tipped off today, the folks at the Hangar Athletic Xchange in Hawthorne, CA, graciously dragged out another rack of bleachers to accommodate the swelling crowd.

In the end, it was standing room only, and the teams everyone came to see didn’t let the crowd down.

It was an intense matchup that featured a number of ranked players: Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis of Mater Dei and Ariyah Crook-Williams of Poly – numbers 2 and 20, respectively; and Jordan Adams of Mater Dei, ranked first in the class of 2012.

Poly got off to a slow start, and Mater Dei capitalized on it and built a lead that got up to as much as 13 points midway through the first half. The Monarchs have ridiculously good execution, and seemingly can hit any shot at will from anywhere on the floor. Coach Kevin Kiernan looked like he was absolutely chillin’ on the bench at points in the first half. And when Mater Dei did start to miss shots in the second, their fans would literally scream in shock.

The Jackrabbits clawed back as Crook-Williams caught fire, and the last quarter of the game turned into a shootout between her and Mosqueda-Lewis. With more than a minute to go, the Monarchs lead 48-45 when Crook-Williams unleashed an NBA-range three that caused the crowd to erupt. But with (I think) 18 seconds to go, Mosqueda-Lewis answered with three of her own, and a foul shot at the end sealed the win for them.

It was everything you could want in a game, and at the end I jumped up and down a couple times, making my kids laugh. But that’s what great basketball does to me.

Mater Dei junior forward Alexyz Vaioletama is still out with stress fractures in her legs, so had to settle for passing the ball to teammates in warmups (Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis running by to the right).

Vaioletama is about ready to suit up again, and is itching to play.

Here’s a rankorama: Jordan Adams (#1) passes over Ariya Crook-Williams to Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis.

Both teams huddle during a timeout in the first half.

Here’s a matchup I loved with a passion: Adams vs. Crook-Williams. Adams brings the ball up court halfway hunched over, like a panther ready to strike. But this was a one-sided love affair for me, as Adams doesn’t guard the PG on defense – that is left to another teammate. On defense, Adams plays the 2. Interesting, huh?

Second half action: Poly’s shots weren’t falling as much for a little while in the first half……

…..but by the second half they’d caught up. They just kept shooting through the problem until it was solved.

People stood in the corners – three deep – clogging them up. Lotsa video taping going on, too – looked a lil like the NCAAs, in fact.

Eventually people also stood behind the two team benches to watch the game.

Here are the complete results from day one of the weekend’s showcase:

11:20 AM
Troy 30
Bishop Montgomery 42

12:30 PM
Washington Prep 37
Mayfair 45

12:30 PM
Inglewood 18
Brea Olinda 45

1:40 PM
Inglewood 45
St. Anthony 42

1:40 PM
Corona Centennial 33
Mater Dei 54

1:40 PM
Troy 35
Lynwood 40

2:50 PM
Mayfair 22
Long Beach Jordan 51

4:00 PM
Lynwood 49
Bishop Montgomery 54

4:00 PM
Cajon 29
Brea Olinda 48

4:00 PM
Long Beach Poly 48
Mater Dei 52

5:10 PM
St. Anthony 34

6:20 PM
Long Beach Jordan 54
Washington Prep 39

6:20 PM
Long Beach Poly 59
Corona Centennial 47

7:30 PM
Lynwood 56

7:30 PM
Cajon 38
Inglewood 35

Chatsworth was supposed to play but didn’t show up. What’s up with that?


  1. Hey Sue, I read your blog every week and I'm a big fan. I like Tennessee and I like what you write and how you cover the womens game, but I have to tell you that I find it interesting that you find it interesting that Jordan Adams didn't guard Ariyah. Jordan is 6'1" and the tallest player 4 MD. Alexis V is out and Jordan had to play Sheila B. Trust me Jordan would have rather defended Ariyah than having to guard Sheila on the block. Sheila takes more out of you. In the end it was a great game and everyone benefited from it. MD and Poly both took something away from the game that they need to work on and get better. Keep up the good work and continue to grind out the womens game.


  2. Jerrald is correct, I for one think Adams is THE player that keeps MD ticking, she is the most versatile, she is the tallest on the team and she runs the Point.

  3. I can see why you'd both say that, but I vote for Vaioletama for Mater Dei's MVP. I've been going to write an entry on it for about a month, but decided to wait when her injury layoff time grew.

    Maybe you'd all like to have a discussion about who and what keeps the Monarchs ticking.

  4. I wouldn't argue the fact that Lewis, Adams or Vaioletama could be MVP for the team. X (Vaioletama) brings a different element to the game 4 MD. X is the 3rd head of the 3 headed monster called MD. Lewis can shoot lights out. Her range is sick and she has ice water in her veins, but Everything starts and ends with Adams. She has to get the ball up the floor. Before Adams MD stuggled with X and Lewis. Adams sets up Lewis and everyone else on the team and her penetration and kicks are in the realm of the elite guards in the country. If we can't get the ball up the court and run plays MD is stuck. Lewis nor X can't run point and handle that pressure and still do what they do. I would love to sit and talk with you regarding MD or any school or player. You can call me @ 949-400-0767.

  5. I don't think Adams is as good as you do, Jerrald, but I love your passion about it. Perhaps you'd like to write something for Hoopism someday on a player or two. It looks like you're in the OC. Do you get to LA, San Bernardino counties, etc to catch games as well?

  6. Jerrald is correct about pre and post Adams just check their record, Both Lewis and Vaioltama were at MD and MD was not that great, with Adams they became a national entity. I think you should wait and see if Vaioletama is an MVP candidate as on her club team she was not as effective, I think in HS it is easier for her with who she plays with. She is undersized for her postion at the next level, don't get me wrong I really like her but it will be difficult for her to play the position she does for MD so she will have to work on perimeter skills.